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Hear what past clients have had to say about Harry Smith Marketing. 


"Harry helped me and my Internal Sales team on a daily basis, he was always there for us if we needed any marketing preparing or if I needed help with our CRM Systems. He is such a happy, kind and hardworking individual who is always happy to help and find the solution to any problem.


Harry worked along side all of my team members helping them with our Live Chat software by setting them up with their own accounts, showing them tricks and tips on shortcuts enabling them to work more efficiently.


Harry also created dashboards through our CRM System which made my life a lot easier so I could track call volumes, number of calls in the system etc, this was a huge help and I couldn’t have done this without the help from him. Harry is very patient and likes to take the time to drill down into every task that had been set so he could figure out either an easier solution or a better way round it which was brilliant for me because I knew the job would be not only completed but completed thoroughly.


I was very grateful for all the input and help Harry gave me and my team, he is extremely reliable, clever and such a great guy too! 


I would highly recommend Harry Smith Marketing for all your marketing desires!"

Internal Sales Manager

Image by Scott Graham

"Harry brings great energy to all the projects he works on, and I have found him to be insightful and empathic to clients needs. I would absolutely recommend him to those businesses and organisations looking to give their marketing strategies and digital marketing campaigns a kick start."

Amanda Danells-Bewley,

Danells & Bewley Consultants

Image by Windows


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