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3 Habits to Improve LinkedIn Engagement

As you build more and more knowledge of networking and how you can capitalise on building relationships for business, LinkedIn as a marketing tool becomes more and more appealing.

Engaging through LinkedIn can help maintain existing relationships, create new ones and ultimately build your customer base.

After recently delivering some LinkedIn Training to a client of mine, we worked to establish three habits that are easily implemented that can help improve how you use LinkedIn and make it easier to succeed on building your network through LinkedIn.

As this particular client found it hard to sometime know where to start on LinkedIn, we outlined 3 habits that the client could do every time they log into LinkedIn.

These habits give more structure to your time on LinkedIn, helping prevent the endless scrolling, inconsistent posting and a shrinking network and encouraging growth.

Even if you go on LinkedIn for 15 minutes a day, dedicate 5 minutes to each of these habits and you'll improve your networking and engagement in no-time.

Habit 1 - Connect with the right people

Dedicate time to searching for new contacts and connecting with people who you think would be great for your network. Whether you have met them, had a conversation with them or they have just reached out through social media, it is important to grow your network with relevant contacts.

In many industries, it is often useful to connect with those who are in the same industry, so search out those who would be the right fit for you.

In addition to this, you can connect with your customers or clients too (if relevant). It is useful to further your relationship and if they use LinkedIn regularly, so should you!

Habit 2 - Create content

Creating useful, valuable, engaging, or creative content is always a great asset to your networking and engagement on LinkedIn. However, we know that you may not always have an incredible campaign to share.

Make a point of creating content that can engage your network. If you don't have a great campaign or post to hand, ask questions, tell people what you're doing today, have fun and most importantly be yourself.

Especially for those self-employed, many businesses work with you due to your personality. If businesses like you, they are way more likely to go to you with business. So put yourself out there and create content with messages that reflect you!

Don't forget to mix up your media too! Try different pictures, videos, articles and links! Ask questions, create an opinion piece, share where you're working from or even (if appropriate) a selfie!

Habit 3 - Engage with others

Those who are versed in networking will know that it is a give and take. Shouting about what you do, how good you are and what you're doing is not always the best way to grow your network and engage your current followers.

Try to engage with as much content as you can. If posts are in your feed, then there must be some reason why they are there. Comment and like those posts if necessary, give your feedback and praise them!

Engage in conversations with your network and if that means putting yourself out there then do it.

These engagements don't always have to be in the public eye however. Message your network individually and build that one-on-one relationship to improve your relationships.


Don't be afraid of putting yourself out there. LinkedIn can often be seen as the less flashy social media channels but is really great for networking and building business relationships.

These three habits will help you give direction to your time on LinkedIn and will hopefully help you grow your network, engage with your network and improve your business relationships.

To learn more about how social media can help your business, get in touch!


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