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Introducing the Ilkley Based Marketing Expert: Harry Smith

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Harry Smith is an Ilkley based marketing expert dedicated to providing cost effective marketing services to the Ilkley & West Yorkshire area.

With a marketing degree from the University of Hull, Harry specialised in digital marketing and social media engagement through study and over the past 7 years has put theory into practice.

Working with some of the biggest brands in the UK through client and agency businesses, Harry was able to learn creative and effective techniques for businesses to get the most out of marketing.

After building an in-depth knowledge of social media, email marketing, marketing automation and sales & marketing alignment, Harry has given workshops, training sessions and presentations on how marketing can impact the growth of businesses.

Harry now provides marketing services for Ilkley and UK based businesses, helping businesses grow with effective marketing strategies.

Harry is now part of the Moor Collective, a collection of freelance marketeers dedicated to providing expert advise and consultation to small businesses in the Yorkshire area.

Get in touch with Harry to learn more about what marketing services you need and how he can help you.


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